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Our History

Our History

COLOR 3i INDUSTRIES Inc. was founded in 1997 to meet the higher demands for independent expertise in paint products and processes. At the time, the market only offered to customers what was produced by manufacturers and distributors exclusively. The need for non-partisan painting solutions was therefore evident, a need that remains as important today.

From the beginning, COLOR 3i has worked with the LIC division of PPG paints; but we soon realized that this division alone could not meet a high number of needs in the market. Therefore, less than a year after its creation, COLOR 3i obtained distribution rights for PPG’s High Performance Coatings division (HPC).

One year later, we discovered a Canadian-based painting manufacturer, Tristar Coatings. And with Tristar, we were able to offer custom made solutions for many of our clients.

Since then, we have added several important products to our arsenal, such as International Paint’s superior offer of maintenance and marine coatings, renown around the world.

At COLOR 3i, we address each situation throroughly, first identifying customer needs and then selecting which product or products will best meet those needs. This method of working has allowed us to experience steady growth year after year since the founding of our company.