Case Study 3

Isocyanate-free finishing product


1. Situation

Many of our clients have faced sudden demands by the CNESST, by their union or given simply by management, to use paint products considered less harmful to workers.
They had to remove all traces of isocyanates in their urethane finishing products. The problem is that isocyanates are found in all urethane catalysts.

2. Customer requirements

The strictest client requirement here included a long list of prescribed products that should not appear on our MSDS (material safety data sheet). In addition, because the products they manufacture can be for outdoors use, the isocyanate-free finish must also provide consistent gloss (luster) and color comparable to urethanes.

3. Analysis

  • Customers using urethane products normally seek weatherability and / or in-depth rapid drying.
  • We thus had to turn to products other than catalyzed epoxies, as they are not resistant to ultra-violet rays.
analyse img

4. Our recommendation

We turned to a Canadian supplier that manufactures “Iso-free” urethanes (which are actually activated acrylics) since the early 80s.
The product is glossy, durable and rapid drying (less than 12 hours to packing). Moreover, it is accepted by all agencies responsible for workers’ health and safety.

5. Results

These clients have been using this finishing product for several years now, to the full satisfaction of all parties involved. The product is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays and other elements. In this product category, it surpasses the competition in quality and consistency.
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