Pepin Products

Since 1958, three generations of the Pépin family have succeeded at the head of Pépin Industries. Initially with a only local presence and specializing in “latex” and “alkyd” products, the company then expanded both geographically and with a growing range of products.

Today, with David Pépin as their leader, the company has grown to exceed the boundaries of Québec and even Canada. Due to their efforts to develop their production facilities and research and development center, Pépin Industries has become a key player in industrial manufacturing sectors and now occupies a dominant position in Québec. The Pépin products line includes different types of enamels, epoxy primers and polyurethane coatings.

  • The Pépin antirust alkyd coatings are enamel-like paints with low VOC content and are directly applicable to most properly prepared metal (DTM – Direct-to-Metal).
  • Pépin epoxy primers are epoxy-type paints with two components whose properties allow exceptional adherence to cover a wide variety of metal surfaces including aluminum and several types of galvanized metal alloys.
  • Pépin‘s polyurethane coatings are high performance and specifically formulated to provide the ideal finishing layer to meet all the needs – professional or individual. The product range offered can cover the entire spectrum of colors and all chemical properties of metallic structures.
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