Case Study 4

Waterbased products


1. Situation

This manufacturer did not have a proper and legal paint booth for a certain portion of their production.
Some units were too large and had to be painted in the evening in a different part of their plant that was ventilated but not airtight. Therefore, they could not use any solvent-based paints (fire hazards) or any finishes containing isocyanates (health risks).

2. Customer requirements

  • The same level of productivity
  • The same level of resistance to corrosion and weather
  • A comparable price

3. Analysis

  • We had to find a water-based urethane product (which is what he previously used), containing no isocyanates.
  • Moreover, this had to be preceded by a primer that would be directly applied to metal, also water-based.
analyse img

4. Our recommendation

Many of our suppliers offer water-soluble or water-based products, but very few answered to this customer’s requirements in terms of weather resistance.
But one of our Canadian suppliers offers a product range that actually meets these requirements. This is a water-based urethane that does not require a catalyst and also an acrylic primer, also water-based, that adheres to many types of substrates.
painter suit

5. Results

The client uses this urethane finishing product since 2007 for all projects that are painted at their plant. There were no recorded complaints for peeling or premature corrosion. The client continues to use this system and is highly satisfied.
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